The Practice

The practice is located in a green and quiet area south of Uccle, Brussels.

A private treatment room is provided for the necessary manual treatments for your injury. Comfort has been thought here for both patient and therapist with an easy-to-use Gymna treatment table.

During the treatment there is a lot of focus on (functional) exercise therapy. That is why there is sufficient space in practice for exercise and sports. It is furnished with modern and brand new equipment of excellent quality. Here one can train with different purposes depending on the need of the complaint and the request for help.

Your treatment

First appointment

The first appointment will be about 60 minutes to hold an extensive intake interview and a thorough clinical examination. Thanks to detailed diagnostics, a good picture can be formed of the complaint pattern. We’ll discuss the results together and any questions are answered as well as possible. A treatment plan can be drawn up in consultation to achieve your goal as smoothly as possible. Should this be necessary, you will even get some exercises home with you and you can get started right away!

Follow-up appointment

During a follow-up appointment, it is always evaluated how the previous session went and how your complaint pattern evolves over time. If necessary, the treatment plan will be adjusted and / or it will be built up progressively. In addition to the necessary manual treatments, exercises can be corrected, adjusted and added in the form of an exercise program for at home and / or in the practice with the available material. There is always room to answer any questions during this one-on-one time. In the course of these physiotherapy sessions, attention is also paid to secondary prevention to avoid re-injury.

Allow at least half an hour for a follow-up appointment, but this may also take longer with an exercise program in practice. Here you have the time to perform your exercises and I remain available to keep an eye on it.

End of the sessions

At the end of the sessions, we look back together at the entire course of your complaint before and during the treatments. We also assess what it looks like now. If necessary, it is discussed which further steps, if any, should be taken for further treatment and / or the avoidance of a subsequent complaint. Tips and tricks will be given for the future and I wish you the best of luck!

Rehab is not about a quick fix. It is about guidance and coaching.

Type of appointmentTimePrice
First appointment / New pathology (incl. administration cost)60 minutes82,- euro
Follow-up appointment30 minutes or longer41,- euro
House visit (incl. transportation cost)30 minutes46,- euro
Physiotherapy reportN/A30,65 euro
Dance technique coaching60 minutes82,- euro

Would you like to know more about the practice and how it works? Don’t hesitate to contact me!