Abs sports physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Do you have any injury resulting from exercise participation and/or sports? I can help you in your discomfort. Through targeted exercises, physiotherapy treatments and advice we’ll get you as soon as possible back on the playing field. - For all ages and movement competences.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is an in-depth specialisation in the movement system with specific attention to advanced and complementary examination and treatment techniques in articular, neurogenic and muscular function disorders, including manipulations. There's an extensive focus on a thorough clinical reasoning.

Injury prevention

Injury Prevention

Preventing an injury or a re-injury is an important aspect of sports physiotherapy. Are you planning to return to specific physical activities after a long break? Then might benefit from an exercise program and targeted advice.

Rehabilitation after trauma or surgery

Due to a variety of causes – such as an injury or trauma, disease, medical treatment such as surgery and their side effects, a developmental disorder, etc. – you might need to get back, keep, or improve abilities that you need for daily life. I’ll help you improve your physical functioning needed to perform different activities. During the therapy sessions we’ll work towards specific and individual goals.


A loss of physical condition due to inactivity might be caused by the loss of function in a certain part of the body, or simply by a long break from physical activities. An individualized exercise program will be designed to build up your strength, core stability, endurance, flexibility and mobility. A conditioning program will be personally coached and provided as one-on-one fitness training.

Dancers and musicians

As a dancer and musician you are regularly confronted with physical challenges and injuries. As a physiotherapist specialised in helping artists, I can help you!