Myofascial therapy and dry needling

Dry needling

The pains that originate from muscle dysfunctions can be treated by means of myofascial therapy. We call the pain points that are developed by the wrong muscle action, trigger points. With their specific localization, these often also cause a zone of radiating or referred pain.

A thorough muscle diagnosis can detect these causal pain points. After this they can be treated with specific techniques including: dry needling, stretching, heat application, and so on.

Dry needling is a special technique in which trigger points in the muscles responsible for the complaints are punctured by an (acupuncture) needle. So no liquid is introduced into the muscle.
The aim is to achieve muscle relaxation. The stimulation of the needle initially causes a brief reflex spasm in the muscle. This is called the local twitch response. You can also observe this as a patient. Research has shown that by means of this technique the muscle fibers relax so that the blood flow can increase with a recovery of the muscle balance. The mobility and function of the surrounding joints improves with a reduction of the local and radiating pains.

I am a certified myofascial therapist. This means that I have passed the exam of the long-term, full specialisation course and meet the conditions to be a member of the BMST. I followed my training at Trigger.
BMST – Belgian Myopain Society Trigger – is the only official professional association for recognised Myofascial Therapists in Belgium.

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