COVID-19: Hygiene Measures

The practice is open!

When coming to your appointment, I would ask you to follow some strict hygiene measures to guarantee everyone’s safety and health:

  • Come alone. If this is not possible, I kindly ask your company to wait outside or in the car. Exception: A child is allowed to be accompanied by one parent or caretaker.
  • Don’t come to your appointment too early or too late. The waiting area is closed for the moment.
  • Wash your hands (1) upon entering and (2) before exercising.
  • Wear a nose-mouth mask. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one in practice.
  • Bring a large bath towel, or beach towel, to your appointment.
  • Are you ill or do you have a fever? Then cancel your appointment in time and stay at home.

When making your appointment, I will inform you of these measures again.

Thank you!