About me

In 2017 I graduated as a Master of physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences, specialised in sports physiotherapy at the Free University of Brussels.

Recently, July 2021, I successfully achieved my postgraduate diploma in Manual Therapy at the University of Ghent.

My passion for the movement of the human body started with my ballet classes that I followed since my childhood. I practised the complex movements at any time of the day and wherever I had space. As a teenager I decided to pursue my dream and passion by studying modern dance at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, the Netherlands. After several years of hard work and pushing my limits, I graduated as a professional dancer in Modern and Theatre Dance in 2012.

During my dance studies, I often had to seek the help of a physiotherapist to treat the injuries I unfortunately sustained during the intensive training programme. I started to get really interested in the mechanical, biochemical and physiological aspects of how the human body moves. That’s why I decided to deepen my knowledge of movement by studying physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Because of my background and my strong affinity with dancers and artists, I specialised in sports physiotherapy. I finished my Master’s degree in 2017.

To deepen my knowledge even further and to be able to help people in a more focussed approach, I started in 2020 a postgraduate degree in Manual Therapy at the UGent and achieved my diploma in 2021.

My mission is to help people move smarter and easier. I want to help facilitate movement, regardless of their ability level and age. Everybody has a body and has the right to explore their movement possibilities!

As a former dancer, I am also very inspired to help dancers and other artists with their injuries so that they can always achieve their best performance.

Please feel free to contact me for more information!