Audrey De Bry

Sports Physiotherapist

I’m a sports physiotherapist in Uccle, specialised in all types of acute and chronic injuries. Welcome to the website of my practice.

As a former dancer, I want to help people move easier and smarter to benefit a specific problem and to prevent further injuries.
Sports physiotherapy is for everyone, all ages and all physical activity levels!

During the first appointment I find it very important to use comprehensive diagnostics to create a personalised treatment plan for your chronic or acute injury. I will guide you through the best injury management plan for you. We’ll work together as a team throughout your recovery.

The practice is located in a green setting in Uccle and it has lots of space to exercise with modern and brand new equipment of excellent quality. There also is a private treatment space for the necessary manual physiotherapy management of your injury.

Feel free to explore my website, check out my specialisations, which include dry needling, and get to know me!

Let me know how I can help you! Contact me for more information or to book your appointment.
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Dance Technique
Abs sports physiotherapy

Dance Injuries

Dancers often come to me because, as a former dancer myself, I have an excellent understanding of dance technique and the demands it puts on your body. I can help you manage your injury correctly, prevent them from happening and avoid secondary injuries.
More information: Dance injuries.

To improve and exercise your dance technique more specifically, I offer one-on-one coaching and training sessions.
More information: Coaching dance technique.

Mens sana in corpore sano

A healthy mind in a healthy body – Juvenalis