Audrey De Bry

Sports Physiotherapist

Welcome to the website of my physiotherapy practice in Uccle, Brussels!

I’m a dynamic physiotherapist who uses a personal approach. You can contact me for the treatment and prevention of all kinds of acute and chronic injuries: trauma, orthopaedic, pre- and postoperative, sports injuries.

As a modern dancer I studied optimal movement for years, after which I have further refined my knowledge about this thanks to my studies in rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy. The combination of dance and physiotherapy helps me enormously to recognise all kinds of movement patterns and then optimise them individually. This also takes into account your current exercise situation and any injuries.

I’m very passionate about preventing injuries first of all. It is important to optimise movement to avoid injuries in order to continue and even improve your activities. Consider, for example, a certain sports performance that you would like to work on. If, unfortunately, you have complaints due to an acute or chronic injury, I am also full of energy to guide you in your recovery.

So are you looking for a dynamic physio who coaches you during your recovery and injury prevention? While my encouraging voice can sometimes get a little louder due to enthusiasm, I have a good ear to listen to your story. That is why you and your request for help are always central during the sessions.

I invite you to discover more about me on my website. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

See you soon!


Sports physiotherapy is for everyone, all ages and all physical activity levels!

Dance Technique
Abs sports physiotherapy


Your first physical therapy consultation will last about one hour. This will allow sufficient time for an in-depth diagnosis of your symptoms and the development of a personalised treatment plan.

Your first appointment will include:

  • In-depth diagnosis of your complaints
  • Targeted and structured clinical examination
  • Formulating a personalised treatment plan
  • Eventual manual treatment according to your complaints
  • Essential guided exercise therapy
  • An exercise schedule for you to do at home, adapted to your needs

You can find a short presentation of the practice, the physiotherapeutic treatment programme and the medical fees here.

Don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any further questions and see you soon!

online consultation

I wish you a healthy and happy end of the year and a great start of a new one!

Out of office: Friday 25/12/2020 up to and including Sunday 03/01/2021.

See you soon!

Booking your appointment online is possible again!

  • First appointment and / or a new pathology (45 min)
  • Follow-up appointment (> 30 min)
  • Dance technique coaching (60 min)

Click on this link!

The practice is open!

I hereby ask you to follow a few strict hygiene measures to guarantee everyone’s safety and health.

  • Wash your hands (1) upon entry and (2) before exercising.
  • Wear a nose-mouth mask. If you do not currently have one, you can purchase one in practice.
  • Bring a large bath towel, or beach towel, to your appointment.
  • Are you ill or do you have a fever? Then cancel your appointment in time and stay at home.

Thanks in advance and see you soon!

Mens sana in corpore sano

A healthy mind in a healthy body – Juvenalis